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Decreased Sex Drive After Ovariectomy

My question relates to concerns of a close friend. She recently had a complete hysterectomy (ovaries also removed). She's 48 years old. Read more...

Depo Provera and Osteoporosis


I’ve been using Depo Provera and am feeling fine. I started Depo in high school after a surprise pregnancy—I couldn’t remember to take my Pill. Should I be worried about osteoporosis? Read more...

Do I need an Endometrial Biopsy?

My doctor is insistent that I have to have surgery-I guess a D & C or an endometrial biopsy. Read more...

Early Menopause

I am 39 and having hot flushes and night sweats. I've skipped my period for the last 18 months. Does that mean I am in menopause? Help! I'm too young—what can I do? Read more...

Emergency Contraception is now available over-the-counter!

I just heard that "The Morning After Pill" can now be bought at a drugstore without a prescription! You don't even have to talk with a pharmacist any more. I think that's great. Read more...

Endometriosis and Natural Progesterone

My daughter has endometriosis about as badly as you can get. She just had surgery, it was removed, and now they want to stop the periods with synthetic drugs. Read more...

Exercise and Skipped Periods


I’ve been on the track and field team at my high school for several years but only recently started running the 10 kilometre races. Read more...

Heavier Flow in Perimenopause

I am 49 and have had a regular light period all my life. I have 3 children and do not use oral contraception. Recently I have been experiencing large clots and heavier flow. Read more...

Heavy Periods After Childbirth

I have been experiencing heavy and or flooding periods since my last child was born. Read more...

Heavy, Unpredictable Flow in a Teenager—Rethinking The Pill


my mom made me go to the doctor I'm 15 and don't get my periods on time and when it comes it's so heavy!!!!!. I got an order for The Pill. I'm not having sex so WHY WOULD I TAKE IT????? Read more...

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